Best All-Mountain Skis of 2024

Posted: 09.11.2023
Posted: 09.11.2023
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Ski Magazine: The Best All-Mountain Skis of the Year

We're incredibly excited to share that Ski Magazine has awarded the MSP 99, MSP CC, and MSP 107 as the best All-Mountain skis in their respective categories for the 2024 season. We spent 2 years developing a brand new core profile for the *NEW* MSP Collection, bringing more energy and turn-iniation to the MSP's already legendary on-piste performance. See the individual awards and reviews below.


MSP 99: Best Men's All-Mountain Ski of 2024

Overall Score: 7.02/10
Lengths (cm): 171, 175, 181, 187
Dimensions (mm): 134-99-122
Radius (m): 18 (181)
Weight (per ski in grams): 2,050 (181)
Price: $739
Pros: Crud Performance, Stability at Speed
Full Review:
The 4FRNT MSP 99 was one of our favorite Unisex All-Mountain skis for soft-snow performance. It wanted to truck through piles of chopped-up powder without a second thought and is an excellent choice for soft variable snow. We weren’t afraid to haul on this ski because the tip shape allowed easy variation in turn shape. Testers could pivot on a dime and scrub speed when they got a little fast and loose in Sun Valley’s trees. This is a “strong big-mountain ski in a waist width that’ll still be fun to tip over on the groomer heading back to the lift,” said Peshek. If your idea of an all-mountain ski is a slimmed-down version of a big-mountain missile, check out 4FRNT’s MSP 99.


MSP CC: Best Women's All-Mountain Ski of 2024

Overall Score: 7.74/10
Lengths (cm): 159, 165, 171
Dimensions (mm): 132-99-121
Radius (m): 16 (165)
Weight (per ski in grams): 1,750 (165)
Price: $729
Pros: Responsiveness, Hard-Snow Integrity
Full Review:

Last year, testers found the MSP CC to be the perfect machine for pinning the throttle on fall-line steeps, but not necessarily for easy Sunday cruising. This year, 4FRNT revamped its women’s best-seller to be every bit as powerful as before, but with a little added forgiveness and ease. “It read my mind and won my heart,” said SKI executive editor Samantha Berman. The major update is a new maple-and-aspen core (replacing poplar), which gives a more responsive (read: fun) ride. Testers found this ski initiated turns instantly and effortlessly, while a Titanal laminate damped vibration and gave it stability at speed. It was so confident in any kind of terrain and conditions that testers hardly noticed what was under their feet. The MSP CC is on the Women’s All-Mountain category’s wide side, which makes it best for soft snow, but its scores in Hard-Snow Integrity and Carving were very respectable. “This ski gets more fun the faster you go,” said Taos, New Mexico-based tester Erika Northrop.


MSP 107: Best Men's All-Mountain Wide Ski of 2024

Overall score: 7.32/10
Lengths (cm): 171, 176, 181, 187
Dimensions (mm): 138-107-128
Radius (m): 20 (181)
Weight (per ski in grams): 2,050 (181)
Price: $749
Pros: Crud Performance, Flotation
Full Review:

Testers couldn’t help but describe the 4FRNT MSP 107 as a spirited ski, especially for skiers with a new-school approach to big-mountain riding. It was burlier than some folks expected, requiring a little bit more work to engage in the turns and making it difficult to control in tighter terrain. Accordingly, the MSP 107’s lowest scores were in Quickness/Maneuverability and Responsiveness. What it lacked in snappiness, however, it more than made up for in its dependable performance in soft and variable snow, scoring its best in Crud Performance and Flotation. Our crew found the 4FRNT to be reassuring at speed except for on the firmest groomers. Denver, Colorado-based tester Jon Sexauer characterized the MSP 107 as “a super-fun and poppy ski” best suited for “playful skiers who want something a little less traditional to pop around the mountain like a playground.”



Let’s goo I am so pumped for skiing this year and hope to be doing it on the 4FRNT skis!!!!!!

Caden Cottle

Let’s goo I am so pumped for skiing this year and hope to be doing it on the 4FRNT skis!!!!!!

Caden Cottle
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