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Posted: 01.23.2017
Posted: 01.23.2017
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Wiley Miller Mid-Season Update:

We met Wiley when he was 16. He and his younger bro Jeremy, had just arrived into Whistler for summer camp at Camp of Champions. The Miller bro's approach to floating simple tricks stood out among the rest. Year after year, the Miller bro's return became a summer highlight for the coaches, eventually earning them with a spot on the new 4FRNT team.

Wiley's passion and commitment to skiing eventually outpaced his younger brother, and in his early 20's, Wiley retired from slopestyle competition and began focusing on a ski film career with Theory 3 Media and Level 1 Productions. A decade later, Wiley is an award winning film star, a icon of freestyle backcountry, best known for his step-down stomps and likable laid-back personality.

We recently caught up to the Montana native to learn about what projects he's currently working on, him being a sacrificial goat, and his latest trip up north.
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