The WHITE ROOM is our home for innovation and product development. What started in a small garage in Salt Lake City has expanded past the confinements of this limited space. It has become embedded in the soul of 4FRNT. Everyday our team riders, engineers, and employees are in the White Room. It has become our state of mind. It is ingrained in the "By Skiers, For Skiers," mentality forever.

Originally the White Room was used as a small batch production facility, enabling us to have control over the high performance freeride skis that we have become known for. As our brand and demand for our skis grew, we shifted production to well established factories in Canada and Slovenia. This allowed us to refocus the purpose of the White Room to its creative roots. The White Room defines our intention to prototype, progress and innovate ideas; ensuring that we provide the best possible ski directly to you, the skier.  

Eric Hjorleifson's storied career of big mountain skiing goes hand in hand with his obsession with the gear needed to perfect his craft. Located minutes from Whistler Resort, Hoji can take an idea conceptualized while skiing and bring it to life in his basement machine shop by night. This is part of the innovation process here at 4FRNT; realtime innovation, led by our athletes.

Today our athletes are the driving force behind the 'WHITEROOM', testing and evolving the direction of our skis on snow. They are storytellers, ski developers, gear testers, and most importantly great friends who share the passion and love for skiing. We lean on them heavily to drive 4FRNT's innovation and future in shaping skiing. Find their words, videos, photos and ideas on #StoriesfromtheFRNT.