Things to consider when choosing a ski length

Figuring out the correct length is an important step in finding your perfect ski. This is our recommended guide that covers the most important questions to consider, without making your process more complicated than it needs to be. 

*Important note: the quickest path to a 100% guaranteed best length is to strike up a quick conversation with someone from our team. Hit the livechat button in the bottom of this screen, email, or call 1-800-975-9500

  1. SKI WIDTH? How wide should you skis be?
    Think about the terrain you ride most...
    FIRM SNOW = narrower ski under 100mm waist width
    SOFT SNOW = wider ski over 100mm waist width
    BOTH = somewhere in the middle 98-112mm waist width

  2. SKI FLEX? How stiff should your skis be?
    Think about the way you prefer the ski to feel...
    POWERFUL = Choose a stiffer ski for a smooth stable feel when skiing fast & going big 
    PLAYFUL = Choose a softer ski for a more forgiving, looser, buttery feel for casual skiing or tricks

  3. SKI SIZE? How tall should your skis be?
    Think about wether you like your current ski size...
    SHORTER = For smaller people & are easier to maneuver
    LONGER = For larger people & provides more stability & float
    Learn more about ski sizes >

  4. HOW TO SIZE KIDS SKI? How tall should your kids skis be?
    We always recommend sizing your kids skis between chest and chin. 

    Try to figure out what you like AND don't like about your current skis & buy new skis with that in mind 

If you still have questions after reviewing these recommendations, check out our Free Ski Finder Tool and get a personalized suggestion from our ski professionals!