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2017 Freeskier Editors Pick Ski Magazine Best In Test


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2017 Freeskier Editors Pick Ski Magazine Best In Test
In it's first year, the MSPW instantly became our most award winning ski. It is named after our company's founder, Matt Sterbenz, who designed it to be an incredibly versatile resort ski for women. Unlike other brand's watered down "women's" skis, this ski is high performance, so whatever energy you put into this ski, it will give it right back to you and then some. It is incredibly intuitive, after one turn you will feel like you finally found your long lost soulmate. With a crisp and damp feeling on edge, you can make effortless turns down fresh groomers and continue crushing late into the day. If it happened to snow, lucky you, with the big shovel design and gradual rocker rise in the tip and tail, you will float and plane with ease. The MSPW is a ski that can do it all with style and grace.
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MSP W Construction

Ski Construction and Technology



A women specific design to create leverage where power is centrally generated. Our discovery proved men are more common to drive a ski from their torso whereas a woman's strength generally came from their hips. Sighting the path of power transmission, it was obvious women power a ski rearward from men, therefore we began testing in our White Room shifting the core’s apex of our womens' skis rearward to naturally match the point of power, all the while maintaining balance and positioning with the skis natural sidecut center, and it worked.


We create a balanced composition of metal laminates, bonded to the top and bottom of the core, to increase torsional rigidity as metal cannot stretch in any direction resulting in extreme edge hold and dampness at speed. Titanal is not to be confused with Titanium, it is a treated, hardened T6 7075 Rolled Aluminum Alloy.


Eliminating deflection, delamination and fractures in the ski tip. These three issues have long plagued the durability of freeride skis due to the abrupt change in snow conditions and tip slap on impact from catching air. The bordering material in a ski tip that joins the core end is most commonly comprised of hard, non-elastic polymers. We began experimentation in our White Room using different grades of Neoprene to withstand the shearing impacts and provide absorption for change in conditions. The result is a dampened feel that calms the ski feel and increases the durability.

Tail Block

A complex insert which adjoins the core end and runs out to the tail edge perimeter. Full wrap metal edge skis often stood on their tail end have a tendency to delaminate, due the weak joint bearing the skis weight between metal, rubber and fiberglass. A tail block eliminates the sensitive joint between laminates and edge and allows for non-invasive customization for skin tail clips if so desired.


The most commonly used species of wood for ski cores is Poplar. We vertically laminate the Poplar beams to create a smooth, even flexing ski. To increase the torsional strength in comparison to Paulownia or Aspen, we use Titanal laminates top and bottom to create a smooth flexing yet razor sharp edge feel.


Our 2.2mm profile edges are the thickest on the market. We chose this edge for maximum strength as well it allows for the most tunes. We pair our thick edges with the largest “T” stamping pattern so we have the largest surface area for base bonding, which eliminates delamination. Heading into finishing we use ceramic discs to bevel our edges for maximum glide. We tune a 1.5 degree side edge and once the stone structure on the base is complete, we run a ceramic disc to apply a 1 degree base edge bevel. The result is a catch free flat base feel with incredible side edge grip.

Semi Cap ABS Sidewall

Similar to how you construct a sandwich, layers of premium raw material pile high into a 3D cavity that secures the shape outline with an ABS sidewall over edge. The semi cap design provides longevity and durability of the top sheet edge by stepping down from the square edge of the sidewall leaving a smooth 360 degree round-contoured edge perimeter. The exposed sidewall protects the core from moisture while also dampening vibrations.

Sintered Base

Our premium ski base, also known in the industry as a “race base” because it integrates carbon which further strengthens its gliding properties. A fast, freely gliding and tough carbon black base is necessary for applications where speed and off trail obstacles are present. The sintering process occurs prior to extrusion, where the the carbon and plastic enter into an extruder in pellet form, therefore individually contributing its own dense properties to the final product.
Desc. No. 4f-11400279699
Signed By Signature
Date 01-07
Department Construction Features
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MSP W Geometry

LENGTH 159 cm 165 cm 171 cm 176 cm
DIMENSIONS 132-99-121 mm 132-99-121 mm 133-99-121 mm 133-99-122 mm
TURN RADIUS 15 m 16 m 17 m 18 m
EFFECTIVE EDGE 1345 mm 1383 mm 1443 mm 1482 mm
TAIL TO WAIST 706 mm 728 mm 757 mm 776 mm
MOUNT POINT FROM TAIL 721 mm 745 mm 777 mm 796 mm
TIP HEIGHT 48 mm 50 mm 53 mm 53 mm
TIP ROCKER HEIGHT 6.78 mm 6.39 mm 7.47 mm 7.77 mm
TIP LENGTH 254 mm 270 mm 276 mm 287 mm
TAIL HEIGHT 9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 11 mm
TAIL ROCKER HEIGHT 1.78 mm 1.95 mm 2.04 mm 2.07 mm
TAIL LENGTH 185 mm 190 mm 197 mm 199 mm
POSITIVE CAMBER HEIGHT 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm
RUNNING SURFACE 1151 mm 1190 mm 1238 mm 1274 mm
WEIGHT 1650 gr 1750 gr 1850 gr 1950 gr

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