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Ever wonder where Hoji get's inspiration for the graphics on his award willing trilogy of skis: Hoji, Renegade and Raven? This year the inspiration came easy... "I was standing on the edge looking back down the chute and to my disbelief a massive Ibex was charging directly at me with his head down." Read the full story below.

Hoji pulled out his phone to grab a photo.

"We were skiing just above the resort, accessed by a super steep chute above the upper lift. I perched myself on the edge of a 100 meter sheer cliff face to wait for the others and enjoy the beautiful morning scenery of the alps. I was standing on the edge looking back down the chute and to my disbelief a massive ibex was charging directly at me with his head down. He was in full flight mode heading for the safety of the shear cliff. Luckily the Ibex raised his head just in time to see me, he was only about 1 meter away. I could have literally reached and touched his face. In a split second he saw me, altered his course, and ran directly in front of me...⁠

"His presence was super impressive, with a pure muscular frame and massive antlers that towered above my head. This was by far the most intense and close range personal experience I have ever had with a large and powerful wild animal. Within a matter of moments he was hundreds of meters away and had scaled up the jagged peak. Although this experience only lasted a moment it made a big impression that I will always remember.⁠"

-Eric Hjorleifson

When Hoji brings a story back like this from the alpine, it often has an immediate impact on our direction for graphics. Mark 'Fank' Fankhauser; close friend and long time designer, took the story and ran with it as inspiration for the entire collection: "Hoji's story about his run-in with the ibex is insane! I really tried to capture that fear and commotion in the ink splatters and slashes on the skis." See the rest of the collection below.

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