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Posted: 11.07.2023
Posted: 11.07.2023
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BANFF Film Festival 'Best Film: Snow Sports'

"A skier contemplates his connection to skiing and the mountains. As he hurries through the streets of LA, his path takes a turn after bumping into a jazz musician who helps him discover the correlation between jazz and skiing—an expression of art, skiing, and black culture." - Mallory Duncan

Team Rider Mallory Duncan's film takes you from the streets of California to the high peaks of Alaska, examining how skiing and black culture intersect in his life. It's a film that reaches beyond left turns and right turns and uncovers the connection between skiing, culture, jazz, and spoken word. By watching you are supporting Mallory and his team to create more, so thank you and please like, comment, and share with your friends.

Skis From The Film:


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