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Posted: 10.13.2022
Posted: 10.13.2022
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We are proud to announce our official partnership with one of Americas oldest and most renowned guiding companies, Exum Guides. This winter, Exum's guides based out of Jackson Hole, WY will be guiding on skis from the Eric Hjorliefson Collection. "Exum's affinity for big mountain faces, tight couloirs, and elegant ski tours with big vertical linkups requires a ski partner like 4FRNT." - Lead Guide, Brenton Reagan  

From Lead Guide Brenton Reagon on the Partnership with 4FRNT

"As guides, we see huge benefits in the 4-LOCK Raven, Hoji, and Renegade. Not only do the skis perform well on the big faces, but the skis come alive in the steeps and flow through trees. The weight savings and efficiency of the 4-LOCK allow a skier to ride bigger skis and still knock out a lot of vert."


Exum Guide and 4FRNT Team Rider Ben Hoiness

"4FRNT skis are the best skis for the Tetons because the lineup has everything you need for any condition and type of terrain those mountain throw at you. When it's deep the Renegade is the absolute answer. ("Always Bring Your Renegades.") I guide on the Rene more than any other ski. I grab the Raven 4-LOCK when the snow isn't as deep, especially for early and late season, but honestly, i could ski it all year. Both are so efficient and straight-up fun."

All photos in this blog by the mega talented Leslie Hittmeier (who's skiing HOJI CC 4-LOCKs this winter)

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