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Posted: 10.10.2023
Posted: 10.10.2023
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Team Rider Bennet Kobe's Journey from Winter Park Grom to 4FRNT Team Rider

Bennet started as a young-gun with 4FRNT in winter 2021, we sent him a pair of Devastator Jr's and were blown away by his talent. Over the next two season's he progressed at an insane pace, with a ton of help from his freestyle coach (and our friend) Ben Fulmer. As Bennet's skiing progressed, he moved from 4FRNTs junior ski, the Dev. Jr. to the SWITCH, a 99mm underfoot freeride ski at the 163cm length. Below, Bennet talks about how important skis were to his journey thorugh learning tricks and brining his ski career to life.


"I started skiing on the Devastator Jrs. in April, 2021. I really liked skiing the Dev Jrs because they were super light and playful. I could take them all over the mountain without questioning the ski at all. The Dev Jrs had a 98mm underfoot which made me feel more comfortable and stable while skiing in any condition. I was super hyped to have switched to the Switch because they are more park-oriented but still super light and versatile.

I really love the Switch because they are really light and slim, while also being the most durable ski I have had. The Switch is 99mm underfoot so I am still able to take it all around the mountain and through any type of snow. I love the Switch in the park because there is hardly any swing weight so I almost never notice them holding me back in the air. They are also fairly playful and flexible which help boost creativity. Overall, the switch is an amazing ski and I would recommend them any day of the week." - Bennet Kobe

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