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Posted: 10.24.2023
Posted: 10.24.2023
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Raven and HOJI Win 'BEST OF' at BLISTERs 2023/2024 'Buyers Guide'

No one in the industry tests skis like the BLISTER team. They're ruthless and put skis through a 30 day test on multiple conditions, pushing every ski to their limit to determine the best of the best. It's why we love BLISTER. We're happy to share that for 23/24, they love 4FRNT. Nine different 4FRNT skis won at this years test, with the Raven (Backcountry Touring) and HOJI (50/50 Backcountry & Resort) skis winning 'Best Of' in their categories. See the full reviews of the Raven and the HOJI below and check out the full 'Buyers Guide' on BLISTER's website.


RAVEN: Best Of Backcountry Touring Skis

Full Review:
The Raven is one of our favorite do-it-all touring skis. Plus, 4FRNT's 4-LOCK Skin-attachment system also cuts down on weight and bulk while improving functionality. On the descent, the Raven can be pushed very hard, yet it is one of the easiest skis in this section to ski - so everyone from beginners to experts, take note. The Raven's lack of camber makes it easy to smear it around in weird, backcountry snow, and its larger sidecut radius helps keep this lighter ski from feeling twitchy or hooky in difficult conditions. If you want to carve tight turns, the Raven isn't your ski. And the previous ski is better if you prefer the instant "bite" of camber underfoot. But the Raven is one of the best skis we've used in variable backcountry conditions, requiring some truly heinous snow or completely flat terrain before it really starts to feel out of its element. Want better stability and deep-snow flotation? See the 4FRNT Hoji in our 50/50 section.


HOJI: Best 50/50 Backcountry & Resort Skis

Full Review:

The Hoji has been around for quite some time now, but the current iteration is the most versatile, offering an unusual combo of easy maneuverability + reliable high-speed stability in most conditions. The Hoji still features a reverse-camber profile, very long sidecut radius, and a somewhat forward mount point. All of this make it capable of rapid changes of direction, equally happy to lay down big turns, and let you ski it centered or forward. However, the current Hoji's longer "flat" section in its rocker profile equates to reliable edge hold underfoot on firm snow, and while it's far from the most exciting carver, it can get you down firm and variable conditions in a predictable manner. The Hoji really does inspire you to emulate the skiing style of its namesake, with lots of slashes and airs as well as big, fast turns when the snow is good. If you like the sound of that but spend more time touring than riding lifts, see the 4FRNT Raven in our Backcountry Touring section.

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