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Q (4FRNT) : Age?

A (NESSA): 29 🥲

Q: Where do you live, home mountain? Where are you from orginal?
A: Vancouver, BC - Whistler
Originally from East Hampstead, NH

Q: Can you describe your skiing style?:
A: Style: rude girl mini jibs with a side of retired mogul skiing lol ????

Q: How does your art tie in with the outdoors and skiing?:
A: I have always been passionate about two things: skiing and art. Since skiing is quite prevalent in my life, it often appears in my illustrations and animations. I’m constantly inspired by the ski community and the memories created on/off the hill. I strive to create relevant, original stories through drawings, with a twist of creativity and lightheartedness.

Q: You were on the US Freestyle Ski Team for 6 years and the US National Champion in 2021. What do you miss from competing? Has your relationship with skiing changed from that time?
A: US National Champion in 2015 and 2021, baby!! I only miss traveling with my besties around the world. Other than that, I am grateful to be pursuing my dream of becoming an illustrator while spending all my free time having fun on the big BC mountains.

Q: What 4FRNT skis do you ski and why?
A: I ski the Devastator, the Switch and the HOJI ski. The Devastator is my everyday Whistler resort ski. The HOJI is my touring ski. The SWITCH is the ski i use for coaching and hot laps.

Q: Why do you love skiing?
A: I love skiing for several reasons. The views are so beautiful. The community that surrounds the sport is so unique and uplifting. And the feeling of flying down the mountain is so surreal. I feel so lucky to grow up with this sport and with other passionate skiers/riders.


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