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If you ski powder, hunt pillow fields and scour the backcountry for features, you need the InThayne under your feet. Pro skier Thayne Rich designed every inch of this ski for powder hounds looking to ski fast and go big in soft snow. A smooth rocker keeps you surfing through deep snow while its stable platform gives you the support you need to step up to big features. Watch Thayne’s insane video parts and you’ll see how capable this ski really is! Want to step it up this winter? The InThayne is your ticket to stick-it!

Graphic by Harrison Johnson.

Can’t decide? Use the Ski Finder Tool

Can’t decide? Use the Ski Finder Tool



Select Length:
181 cm
188 cm
Length: 181 cm
Dimensions 138-117-129 mm
Weight 1863 gr
Sidecut Radius 23 m
Effective Edge 1303 mm
Mount Point From Tail 845 mm
Tip Height 74 mm
Tail Height 61 mm
Camber Rocker
Length: 188 cm
Dimensions 138-117-129 mm
Weight 1974 gr
Sidecut Radius 25 m
Effective Edge 1370 mm
Mount Point From Tail 880 mm
Tip Height 74 mm
Tail Height 63 mm
Camber Rocker

Construction Features

1 Aspen Maple Core

Aspen Maple Core

Made from the highest quality Aspen and Maple Canada has to offer, these cores are loaded with unwavering energy and pop. These pure hardwood cores don’t just guarantee a smooth damp ride, but also provide long lasting durability and incredible binding retention.

2 Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

When stability and energy are a must and weight is a factor, we add pre stretched carbon fiber stringers to the core. Far superior to the flex and pop of traditional fiberglass, carbon fiber gives you the liveliness you want at a weight that keeps your skis feeling light on your feet. These

3 Neotip


After experimenting for years in the Whiteroom, we discovered that the addition of a Neoprene insert in the tip of the ski drastically reduced chatter, increased overall damping, and helped eliminate frustrating tip delamination.

4 UHMW Sidewalls

UHMW Sidewalls

A incredibly resilient and durable polyethylene sidewall material that absorbs vibrations from firm snow and big impacts. The polyethylene characteristics of the Ultra High Molecular Weight actually diverts impact energy and disperses it rather than cracking like standard sidewalls.

5 Sintered Base

Sintered Base

This premium base material is known in the ski industry as ‘Race Base’ because it is fast AF! Integrated with carbon to further strengthen its gliding properties these 1.4 mm base are tough as can be, to ensure you go fast season after season.