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The Raven is the ultimate blend of uphill efficiency and downhill performance. A smooth rocker profile naturally brings your tips to the surface of fresh snow, so breaking trail on the skin track and floating through fresh powder is easier than ever. When you find yourself in technical terrain, the sidecut and pre-bent rocker shape work in unison to give you maximum effective edge for supreme control. Hoji’s groundbreaking 4-LOCK System guarantees a carefree uphill experience by eliminating frustrating skin failure and excess weight. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and devour untouched terrain, the Raven is the tool for the job!

Graphic by Alexis Marcou.

Raven Awards


Raven Geometry

Select Length:
170 cm
177 cm
184 cm
190 cm
Length: 170 cm
Dimensions 120-104-111 mm
Weight 1658 gr
Sidecut Radius 29 m
Effective Edge 1150 mm
Mount Point From Tail 795 mm
Tip Height 54 mm
Tail Height 23 mm
Camber Rocker
Length: 177 cm
Dimensions 120-104-112 mm
Weight 1720 gr
Sidecut Radius 29 m
Effective Edge 1220 mm
Mount Point From Tail 825 mm
Tip Height 54 mm
Tail Height 23 mm
Camber Rocker
Length: 184 cm
Dimensions 121-104-112 mm
Weight 1827 gr
Sidecut Radius 29 m
Effective Edge 1290 mm
Mount Point From Tail 860 mm
Tip Height 54 mm
Tail Height 23 mm
Camber Rocker
Length: 190 cm
Dimensions 121-104-113 mm
Weight 1891 gr
Sidecut Radius 29 m
Effective Edge 1350 mm
Mount Point From Tail 890 mm
Tip Height 54 mm
Tail Height 23 mm
Camber Rocker

Construction Features

1 4-LOCK Skin Integration

The 4-Lock™ system consists of an inconspicuous 12x9mm hole through the tail of the ski. By inserting the self-locking skin strap through this hole, the skin becomes locked to the ski, eliminating frustrating skin failure. The calculated placement of the hole reduces the skin length by up to 12% and has zero effect on the downhill performance of the ski. This reduced skin length weighs in at less than 240g per skin and folds up impossibly compact.

2 Aspen Maple Core

Made from the highest quality Aspen and Maple Canada has to offer, these cores are loaded with unwavering energy and pop. These pure hardwood cores don’t just guarantee a smooth damp ride, but also provide long lasting durability and incredible binding retention.

3 Carbon Fiber

When stability and energy are a must and weight is a factor, we add pre stretched carbon fiber stringers to the core. Far superior to the flex and pop of traditional fiberglass, carbon fiber gives you the liveliness you want at a weight that keeps your skis feeling light on your feet. These

4 Neotip

After experimenting for years in the Whiteroom, we discovered that the addition of a Neoprene insert in the tip of the ski drastically reduced chatter, increased overall damping, and helped eliminate frustrating tip delamination.

5 Sintered Base

This premium base material is known in the ski industry as ‘Race Base’ because it is fast AF! Integrated with carbon to further strengthen its gliding properties these 1.4 mm base are tough as can be, to ensure you go fast season after season.

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Norway Norway

Weight + downhill performance is legendary

I have used these for approx 10 tours now and I am extremely happy with this ski. They respond very well to the variable conditions where i ski (Tromsø and the lyngen alps primarily). I ski quite aggressively and the skis have no problem with being put sideways on choppy hard snow if slowing down is necessity.

Marcus A.
Norway Norway

Wonderful ski, poor binding retention/durability

I really really loved this ski. After finding its sweet spot i was in love. Here in northern Norway we have a lot of different snow conditions through out the season. And I almost never found me wishing that i had brought a different pair of skis. From hard pack, to fresh pow it gets the job done, and your friends jealous. Unfortunately, Today, the first season after the warranty expired, the binding blew out of the left ski. During a mellow run at a local mountain her in Tromsø, with variable snow conditions, from super hard pack to 10cm soft wind transported snow the left toe-piece blew out, all this happend during while edging in a path of hard pack. What i first fought was a pre-release of the binding, after getting up from the fall, I quickly became aware that my bindings left toe piece was still connected to my ski boot, the ski though, was laying 10 meters further up the mountain. Imagine if this had happend during a no fall line. I dont know if i have gotten an unlucky pair, or if the durability of the Raven skis are not ment for conditions other than soft new lovely snow. All in all, a love story ending in devastation.

4FRNT Skis Raven Review4FRNT Skis Raven Review4FRNT Skis Raven Review4FRNT Skis Raven Review
Marcus A.
Netherlands Netherlands

Good ski, but poor binding retention

For a few seasons this ski was an amazing do it all backcountry ski. I have used it in most conditions here in Northern Norway (Tromsø) and it almost always thrived, and never really struggled. Though today, the season just after warranty coverage, my toe piece of the left binding blew out. I went frome flying down the mountain on a variable snow day, to suddenly feeling the left ski pop off, me falling then finding my toe piece stuck to my left skiboot. Imagined if this had happened going down a no fall line. Luckily today i was skiing a local mellow hill. The binding shouldn't separate from the ski under normal skiing, something it did today. Such a shame, because I really enjoyed this ski. Maybe an unlucky pair, or a ski not durable enough to ski other conditions than soft new lovely pow. A love affair ending in devastation.

4FRNT Skis Raven Review4FRNT Skis Raven Review4FRNT Skis Raven Review4FRNT Skis Raven Review
Derek H.
United States United States

Raving about the Raven

This is my 2nd pair of Ravens and this one came with the 4-Lock system. The 4-Lock system is 2nd to none. So easy to use and the skins are very light. The Raven rips in all conditions, but thrives when the conditions are tough. I even recommended these to my brother and now he skis better than me. Thank you 4FRNT

Peter D.
United States United States

An excellent full rocker ski

6’1” (185 cm) 200 lb male skier, skill advanced to expert depending on the day and physical fitness for the year. Usually ski in Salt Lake City, UT at resorts but was looking for a ski that would be more suited to short tours and for inbound trees. This is my 8th pair of skis. Ordered the 184 cm Raven with 4-lock system. Skin system works as advertised, although it did take me a minute to figure out that I didn’t need to remove the tail retention clip but rather could just push it through the hole. Skins come precut to size. I prefer this system to the black diamond tail clip system which quickly fell off of my Atomic BC 120s. This ski is full rocker shaped with long radius side cut which allows it to pivot easily. Weight isn’t the lightest but isn’t very heavy either. The 184 length is the right length for me - other skis range in length from high 170s for front side dedicated carving skis to mid 180s for all mountains to high 180s to low 190s for powder skis. I think it is important to realize that full rocker skis do not edge into hard pack snow as well as those with camber but the trade off allows you to turn more easily, which is desirable in certain types of terrain. I purchased this ski in large part due to the Blister magazine review - now having skid the Raven for several days I would say the Blister review is accurate and I do not regret my purchase. Is this my first choice of ski? No. Skis are tools and depending on the terrain, snow conditions, and what we want to ski that day, the choice of skis vary. This was my first ski from 4FRNT and I have no trouble recommending the brand to potential customers based on my experience.