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4FRNT x Skida October Giveaway

We teamed up with SKIDA to create the ultimate winter giveaway to highlight our collaboration on the all new 4FRNT InThayne Balaclava. We created this full-coverage piece for long days in the mountains, inspired by deep turns and frigid Vermont pow-days. Made in USA. 


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  • Love 4Frnt amazing skis

    Skyler Witte on

  • Hoping to get on a pair of Inthanes this winter. Prices well, great graphics. Nothing but great reviews from all. Go shred!!!!!!!!!!

    ALan aLberts on

  • Do you make skis for larger men 250+ with 25years experience? The last set I had claimed to be bulletproof but I broke them in a matter of hours.

    Blaine on

  • Just as I’m looking to get myself a pair of skis – these look awesome!

    Artem on

  • Love the design on these skis!!

    Robert Reyes on

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