Mogul Skiing, noun:
1. A skiing event in which skiers descend a slope which is covered in mounds of snow, making two jumps during the descent. 

For years we’ve skirted the question, “...but how does it ski the bumps?”  Knowing all along with mogul skiing in our DNA that whatever ski it was they were contemplating had nothing to do with ripping up a zipper line.  4FRNT is a brand which stands tall in authenticity therefore we simply could not carry on any further without listening to our inner Hot Dog.  I welcome you to the Originator - a thoroughbred Mogul Ski for having fun and not giving a damn.

Length 191cm 181 cm 175 cm 170 cm
Dimensions 92x65x82 90x64x80 89x63x77 88x63x75
Turn Radius 19 m 18 m 17 m 16 m
Edge 135 cm 130 cm 124 cm 118.5 cm
Weight 2100 g 1975 g 1850 g 1725 g
All Mountain
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